About Us

Built Over Decades

In 1990 two brothers and a dentist decided to start a company that would provide technology support for small businesses. That company still exists but it is not this company. The brothers however are the same (just a whole lot older and perhaps slightly wiser). Mayor Operations is built around the principle of Success. Our IT industry background has been complimented by Quality, Compliance, Safety and Business Process Improvement. What we offer is a toolset designed to help you succeed.

Mayor Controls

This division specializes in Quality, Business Architecture and Compliance. Do you need help with an Quality Management System implementation? Do you need an Enterprise Architect to review your current process interaction?

Mayor Industries

This division specializes in Industrial 3rd Party Support including safety audits, quality audits and compliance

Mayor Labs

This division specializes in building custom software and process controllers. If you have an need to automate we can help.

Mayor PBX

This division specializes in providing small - medium business enterprise telecommunications systems

Meet Our Management Team

Our Managment Team with over 50 years of experience laser-focus on customer needs.
Our moto is Your Partner in Success

Large Corporate Governance, Quality, Safety, Six Sigma.


General Manager

Enterprise Architecture, Systems Engineering, Senior Management, Compliance.


Enterprise Architect